Camberwell Primary School endeavours to provide a safe, healthy learning environment that caters to the whole child. We are keen to enhance the options for children to gain confidence, to take risks and challenge themselves in our outdoors spaces as the learning that occurs in the yard is an integral part of learning – to be a life long learner, to manage oneself and one’s emotions, to develop resilience. Our goal is to provide a range of options for each child to develop whether they are drawn to spaces that are quiet and calm or whether they prefer the dynamic and challenging activities.

Thanks to our parent community’s fantastic efforts with fundraising – with our well known French Fête, 2018 has seen the start of our community’s dream to improve our play spaces. Our Project Manager, Sue Squire and Parents’ Association Executive, Danielle Conquest and Alana Green, researched innovative play spaces which would provide a range of skills on equipment built with natural products. School Council then engaged RB Landscapes to design and construct the fabulous Secret Garden and the Log Pyramid. These two elements are the first stage of our Play Spaces Master Plan which envisages a sensory learning environment outside of our new library, a fort with a slide down in to the Secret Garden, a boulder wall on the eastern side of the basketball court, shade trees and improving the seating in the Green Area as well as a ropes course that would run from the gate on Reserve Road along the line of trees. We also are planning. Each element is designed to provide a range of challenges and always cater to different types of play.