Boroondara has a number of schools with enrolments that are restricted in various ways.  Camberwell Primary School is one of those schools.

Demand for enrolment at Camberwell Primary School exceeds capacity.  This means that Camberwell Primary School is currently not required to enroll any students residing outside its designated neighbourhood zone.  The existing boundary has been reviewed by the Department of Education and Training (DET) and the current map represents the current area for enrolment.

Boundaries are defined by demographic change.  Given changing demographics, multi-level housing and construction in the Camberwell area, we are unable to predict our future enrolment demand with any surety.  Whilst we will give as much notice as we are able about boundaries, we must remain mindful that school boundaries or neighborhood areas are defined by demographic information.  Boundaries are flexible and will change according to that demographic information and enrolment demand.

Enrolments are guaranteed if your residential property falls within our enrolment map.

Foundation enrolments will commence in Term 2.  Please contact the school with your information now.

Camberwell Primary School’s current local Area Map. (Click to enlarge)

Camberwell Primary School Zone

This map is provided to assist people interested in enrolling their child at Camberwell Primary School. You should either use the Melbourne School Zones link to check if you live within the school zone area or verify details with the school when making decisions about enrolling your child.